Guardianships are filed on behalf of:

All guardianship matters in the State of Florida require an attorney pursuant to Florida Probate Rule 5.030 .

An individual, through his/her attorney, may file for a guardian to be appointed for:

  • An adult person when they believe that person is not mentally capable of taking care of himself or herself

  • An adult person on their own behalf may file a voluntary guardianship when they may be physically unable to manage their property

An individual can be appointed as guardian of:

  • The person only
  • Property only
  • Person and property
  • In a limited (partial rights removed)
  • Plenary capacity (total rights removed)

Guardianships are filed for minors when the minor child has inherited or received money or property in excess of $15,000. In this type of case a guardian of the property is all that is needed if the minor child's parents are living. If a minor child's parents are deceased, a guardianship of the person may also be required.

General Information

As in all guardianship proceedings a hearing may be necessary when guardianship cases are presented to the court for consideration of all orders.

Certain documents within guardianship cases are marked as confidential information pursuant to Florida Statutes.

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Guardianship Handbook

The Statewide Public Guardianship Office has provided the following handbook Guardianship Basics for easy reference. The handbook covers basic information that can be a helpful reference guide, but it is not intended to be a substitute for obtaining an attorney.

Department Contact Information

Nikki Alvarez-Sowles, Esq.
Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller
38053 Live Oak Avenue
Suite 207
Dade City, FL 33523-3894
352-521-4542, Option 4

Nikki Alvarez-Sowles, Esq.
Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 338
New Port Richey, FL 34656-0338
Physical Location:
7530 Little Road
Suite 104
New Port Richey, FL 34654
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Guardianship Forms and Fees

The link below will direct you to the Sixth Judicial Circuit Probate, Guardianship & Mental Health website. You will be able to download the required Guardianship Accounting and Plan Forms. However, not all the information located on this site is applicable to Pasco County Courts. By clicking on this link, you will find the applicable Probate and Guardianship Administrative Orders.

   Guardianship Forms

Note: Not all of the information listed under this web page is applicable to Pasco County Courts.

Additional guardianship forms can be found in the Court's Self-Help Center .

This form should be used for Pasco County.

    Department of Children and Family Services Release Form
Initial Filing Fees
Guardianship - Veterans Administration $235.00
Guardianship of Person Only $235.00
Guardianship of Person/Property Ancillary $400.00
Guardianship of Property Only $400.00
Petition for Conservatorship/Curatorship $400.00
Petition for Determination of Incapacity $231.00
Petition for Foreign Guardian to Manage Property if Not Formal Administration $231.00
Petition to Manage Property of Non-Resident Ward $231.00
Miscellaneous One Document Filing $231.00
Petition to Enter Rooms and Places $231.00
Petition to Approve Settlement of Minor's Claim $231.00
Petition to Determine Heirs; Foreign Guardian to Manage Property $231.00
Petition to Open Safe-Deposit Box $231.00
Other Fees
Audit Fee of Annual/ Final Financial Return - Based on Starting Balance of Accounting
  • $25,000 or less
  • $25,001 to $100,000
  • $100,001 to $500,000
  • Over $500,000

$   20.00
$   85.00
Audit of Verified Inventory over $25,000 $   85.00
Bond Approval $     8.50
Counter/Cross/3rd Party Complaint/Petition       $  395.00
Issuing Subpoena (sign and seal only) $     2.00
Prepare and Issue Subpoena for a Witness (includes signing and sealing) $     7.00
Issuing Summons (sign and seal only) $   10.00
Prepare and Issue Summons (includes signing and sealing)*

It has been determined that the fee for preparing, signing and sealing a summons will be $17.

This includes the issuing fee of $10 and the preparation fee of $7.
$    17.00
Maintenance - Professional Guardian Fee $     7.50
Photocopies of Instruments Not More than 14 Inches by 8.5 Inches (per page) $     1.00
Photocopies of Instruments More than 14 Inches by 8.5 Inches (per page) $     5.00
Reopen Fee -
  • Exemptions to Reopen Fee:
    • Any guardianship pleading prior to discharge
    • Any mental health pleading
    • Cases with no initial filing fee
    • Motion for Attorney's Fees filed within 30 days
    • Motion for Rehearing filed within 10 days
    • Motion to Withdraw as Attorney
    • Responsive Pleadings
    • Stipulations
$   50.00
Registry of Court
Receiving Money into Registry, First $500.00 3%
Each Subsequent $100.00 1.5%