Clerk to the Board
Board Records

The Board Records Department's main function is to be the record keeper and custodian for the Board of County Commissioners, pursuant to Florida Statutes 28.12 and 286.011(2).

The department receives and maintains all resolutions, ordinances, contracts and other documents that are approved by the Board. Pursuant to Florida Statutes 119, all records are open to the public.

The department is located in Dade City in the East Pasco Government Center and provides a centralized location for all documents pertaining to the Board of County Commissioners. A second location to access microfilm and imaged copies of the Board of County Commissioners is in the New Port Richey Recording Department, located in the West Pasco Government Center.

a picture of Board Records minutes

The first microfilm cartridge of the records of the Board is dated July 18, 1887. Prior to February 1985 all indexes of the records are on microfilm, beginning with March 1950. After February 1985 to current the index is on the Board Records Indexing system and since October 3, 1995 all documents have been imaged.

It is the function of the Board Records Department to attend meetings by clerking various board and committee meetings as required by Florida Statute or Ordinance. This includes audio recording of meetings, appropriate advertisements, preparation of minutes and distribution of documentation to various county departments, local, state, federal agencies and private citizens. Such boards and committees include, but are not limited to:

  • Citizens Advisory Committee on the Comprehensive Plan
  • Citizens Ordinance Review Committee
  • Consolidated Justice Information System Advisory Board
  • Development Review Committee
  • Educational Facilities Authority
  • Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board
  • Environmental Lands Acquisition Selection Committee
  • Government Operations Committee
  • Health Facility Authority
  • Impact Fee Advisory Committee
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Pasco Construction Code Board
  • Planning Commission
  • Public Library Cooperative Board
  • Public Safety Coordinating Council
  • Tourist Development Council
  • Transportation Disadvantage Local Coordinating Board
  • Value Adjustment Board

Board of County Commissioners


Schedules for the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners meeting and annotated agendas can be obtained from the Board of County Commisioners web site.

BCC Agenda and Minutes

BCC Main Page

Pasco County Official Website

Pasco Television Information

Additional information regarding Board of County Commissioners' meetings is available through the official Pasco County website.

Clerk to the Board
Value Adjustment Board

The Clerk & Comptroller serves as the Clerk to the Value Adjustment Board as required by Florida Statutes 194.032(3).

The Value Adjustment Board (VAB) is an independent entity that is comprised of two elected members of the Pasco County Commission, one elected member of the Pasco County School Board, and two Pasco County citizens. The Department's function to this Board is to accept and verify petitions received over the counter and through the mail; work in conjunction with the Property Appraiser's office to schedule hearings; and notify petitioners by certified mail of their hearing schedule. It is also this Department's responsibility to attend the proceedings and make audio recordings.

Once recommendations are submitted by the Special Magistrates, the recommendations are mailed to each petitioner who may then file a written exception to the VAB before the final hearing. A complete list of the recommendations are distributed to the Board members for their review prior to the Board's final hearing. According to Florida Statutes 193.122 the Department prepares the Certificate of Value Adjustment, which is signed by the Board following the final Value Adjustment Board hearing. A Notification of the Decision form is prepared and sent to each petitioner advising them of the disposition of their petition. The Department also prepares the Impact Notice and submits it to the newspaper to be advertised within the time constraints as listed in the Florida Statutes.

Pursuant to Florida Statutes 194.035(1), the Pasco County School Board is billed two-fifths of the expense of the hearings.

For a list of the DOR Rules of Procedures, forms and other Value Adjustment Board information, please visit the Department of Revenue's website.

All VAB petitions must be received in the Clerk's Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on or before the 25th day following the mailing of the notice of proposed property taxes per F.S. 194.011(3)(d).


The 2019 Final Value Adjustment Board Meeting to take action on all Special Magistrate Recommendations will be held on THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2020 AT 10:00 A.M. IN THE HISTORIC PASCO COUNTY COURTHOUSE, 37918 MERIDIAN AVENUE, DADE CITY, FLORIDA 33525.

Any person who decides to appeal any decision made by the Value Adjustment Board with respect to any matter considered at the forthcoming meeting, is hereby advised that he or she will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purpose he or she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made that will include the testimony and evidence upon which such appeal is to be based.

For information regarding the Value Adjustment Board, please contact:

Value Adjustment Board
c/o Board Records Department
East Pasco Government Center
14236 6th Street, Suite 201
Dade City, FL 33523
(352) 521-4347
(352) 521-4181 (fax) (please put VAB in the subject line)